IMG_1129Aqua Aire West provides mobile demineralizers to industry. We provide trailers which can support up to 30,000 gallons of deionized water from a typical city water connection. We also provide smaller bottles that will make up to 1,000 gallons of deionized water. Our treatment systems remove minerals from city water to provide customers with deionized water for many uses.

The USN uses our trailers, or “rainmakers” for boiler feedwater and many water-cooled technologies such as weapons and computer systems on board ships.

Industries can utilize deionized water services for any application where scale or impurities in cooling water systems will cause increased maintenance or failure of piping. Deionized water actually saves money in the long run.

In addition, deionized water services can be utilized for spot free cleaning of many surfaces such as in window cleaning service, solar panel cleaning, and car washing. Items cleaned with deionized water will dry spotless.

Aqua Aire West provides deionized bottles with a mixed-bed resin inside. The bottles are small in size (3.6 cu.ft ), providing up to 1,000 gallons of demineralized water, and are pre-plumbed to accept your specified pipe or hose fittings.

deionized water services in southern californiaAqua Aire West will provide a trailer consisting of 2 tanks – one with cationic and one with anionic resin beads inside. In addition, there are 2 smaller vessels on the trailer containing a mixed-bed final polishing bank. After going through the demineralizer, the water will have 0 ppm Total Dissolved Solids and 0 ohms of electrical resistance. The trailers are equipped with a 1 ½” diameter inlet pipe for potable water in to the system. There is a 1 ½” diameter outlet downstream of the final mixed bed rack and water quality sensor. The sensor will shut down the flow of water when the conductivity reaches one megohm of resistance. Depending on the customer’s needs, trailers can be swapped out or staged on-site for a continuous supply of deionized water.

Aqua Aire West technicians regenerate the resins in the tanks at the facility by conducting ion exchange regeneration. This process removes the minerals and impurities that have bonded to the resins, making them ready to provide pure demineralized water once again.